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Our Barcelona Photography Tour itineraries listed

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Our Barcelona photography tour itineraries are as specific to the needs of the individual photographer, as they are comprehensive in their choice of locations, lighting sources, subject types and tour durations. Designed specifically for incoming tourists, business-people and company incentive trips, our guests come from all walks of life and from different backgrounds but all share one common trait – a love affair with the art of photography. While our guests have their own individual preferences on their favourite photo subjects and have skill levels ranging from absolute beginners to professional photographers, we believe that one of our private photography experiences in the visually beautiful, dynamic and vibrant city of Barcelona, and the stunning natural beauty of rural Catalonia will be the highlight of your trip. New to 2022, we are offering an amazing 4 day photo workshop, specifically tailored for street photography in Barcelona. Information including itineraries can be found here.

As well as organising one of our photography tours for yourself, you may also be interested in presenting a loved-one that has an interest in photography by presenting them a gift by way of one of our photography tour gift vouchers. What better way to enjoy their time in Barcelona, than spending part of it by visiting the city’s most photogenic locations, off the beaten track, and with one-on-one instruction in improving their photography skills alongside a professional photographer? Below is a list of our various itineraries offered.


3.5 hour morning Barcelona photography tour

Barcelona morning photography tours run by a professional photographer.

Our first, and still one of our most popular itineraries, the Barcelona 3.5 hour morning tour allows you to visit the city as the local residents prepare for their day. With a combination of architectural, environmental portraits and street photography, this photo tour appeals to the majority of photographers’ various subject preferences. Please click on this link to view further information: BPT 3.5 HOUR PHOTO ITINERARIES PDF


3.5 hour night Barcelona photography tour

Barcelona night photography tour itinerary

Barcelona at night is a magical experience that should not be missed. From spectacular public light shows, to Modernist sites lit up in all their glory, to the tranquility of the Gothic quarter as the crowds disappear, capturing the texture of the ancient stones lit by the street lamps, practicing with slow-shutter speeds and the manipulation of light, the Barcelona night photography tour is a great way to explore the city safely while getting creative with your camera. Please click on this link to view further information: BPT 3.5 HOUR PHOTO ITINERARIES PDF


6 hour morning/afternoon Barcelona photography tour

Barcelona Photography Tour run private morning and afternoon photo tours.

For photographers wanting to explore more of the city with their cameras and at a relaxed pace, the 6 hour morning/afternoon tour is a great option for street photographers, where patience and perseverance is key to attaining quality images. We recommend this tour for a mix of environmental portraits, artistic street photography and architectural photography. Please click on this link to view further information: BPT 6 HOUR PHOTO ITINERARIES PDF


6 hour afternoon/night Barcelona photography tour

Plaza Milans Barcelona

For photographers wishing to make use of the most beautiful ambient light during magic hour, sunset, and blue hour, this is the itinerary that we recommend, and is also a personal favourite. A mix of different light and photographic subjects and styles will ensure that you come home with some spectacular images. We can provide a tripod for photographing at night, in case you don’t plan on bringing one. Please click on this link to view further information: BPT 6 HOUR PHOTO ITINERARIES PDF


7 hour Barcelona architectural photography tour

Barcelona architecture photography tour

Specifically designed for photographers wishing to capture the amazing architecture of Barcelona, this tour is all about improving on your technical skills, careful composition and the use of ambient and artificial light. Boasting 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, an unrivalled collection of Modernist sites, Romanic, Bohemian, Gothic and Ultra-Modern styles, Barcelona is the city to capture through your lens. This tour can be divided into 2 parts to take advantage of the best light. Please click on this link to view further information:


3.5 hour on-location Barcelona photo shoot

Barcelona photography tour on-location portrait shoot

We don’t only run photography tours and workshops. For individuals, couples, families and friends, how about trying an on-location portrait shoot in some of the most photogenic neighbourhoods of Barcelona? A fun day out that will leave you with memories captured in our beautiful city. These itineraries can also be customised to accommodate company incentive trips and commercial shoots. Please click on this link to view further information:


Full day photography trip to Girona

Barcelona Photography Tour Girona trip

Located approx. 1 hour by train from Barcelona, the quaint town of Girona has always been a joy to photograph and makes for a great day out. As part of our multi-day workshops, we have created this full day tour to bring you a glimpse of a medieval town set in a rural environment. Crossing the river, with it’s colourful houses reflected in the water, we enter the historic section and spend the day photographing the ancient streets within the Old Jewish Quarter and nearby cathedral. Please click on this link to view further information:


3 day private photography trip in rural Catalonia

Barcelona Catalonia 3 day photo workshop

Picturesque landscapes, quaint villages and a proud Catalan people await the photographer on this 3 day photographic experience to rural Catalonia. Based off of our multi-day small-group workshop, but like our photography tours, this is a private tour. Experience an amazing 3 days outside the city of Barcelona with your camera. Please click on this link to view further information:


Multi-day Barcelona & Catalonia photo workshop

Barcelona and Catalonia multi-day photography workshop

Our original Barcelona workshop, including an optional extension to rural Catalonia, this was our first photo workshop and is still one of our favourites. A memorable and educational experience awaits the avid photographer. Our Barcelona & Catalonia photo workshop is run through PWA – our affiliate with over 150 photo adventures around the globe. Laurie Cohen, the owner of Barcelona Photography Tours is the team leader for our guests on this trip. Please click on this link to view further information:


Other notes: 

  • For photographers wishing to divide our 6 hour morning/afternoon tour to make use of the best ambient light, we are able to offer this service.
  • The itineraries listed below can be customised to suit your personal shooting style.
  • Please contact us with your queries, including how many guests, dates available and our price structure.