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Fujilove March 2023 Issue - Finding Purpose in Street Photography. An article by Laurie Cohen from Barcelona Photography Tours

Finding Purpose in Street Photography | Fujilove article by Laurie Cohen

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“Finding Purpose in Street Photography” is an article written by Laurie Cohen for the March 2023 issue of Fujilove magazine. The founder of Barcelona Photography Tours & Israel Photography Tour, Laurie has been an avid reader of Fujilove content since the magazine was established in 2015. Laurie decided to write the article for his 10-year anniversary with the Fujifilm X system, and how it has found a permanent place in his camera bag.

Finding purpose in your photography, regardless of your preferred photographic genre, will give your photography a direction when creativity may be lacking. As Laurie explains, it was understanding this single element that proved vital in achieving his photographic goals and giving a direction to his photography. The full article can be viewed by subscribers of the Fujilove magazine.





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