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Barcelona night photography tour with a professional photographer.

Barcelona Night Photography Tour

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Tour overview

This unique tour is designed for the adventurous photographer who wants to learn how to capture images of the city at night. Photography in Barcelona at night is a magical experience that should not be missed. The tour is designed for photo enthusiasts who are just beginning to learn how to master their cameras, and for keen amateurs who want to learn about experimenting in the exciting world of night photography. The tour entails a professional photographer giving tips and advice on the equipment needed, camera settings and how to create interesting images, while being escorted to Barcelona’s most stunning locations!

Night photography is an art form in itself. Unlike photographing during the day, camera settings are set according to quality, as opposed to speed. Using low ISO’s to minimise noise, optimal aperture settings for depth of field, manual focus for critical focus and a cable release or self-timer for reduced camera shake. Everything on the camera is set meticulously, carefully composed and captured with a tripod. Photographing Barcelona at night means capturing the city with less crowds, including wonderful electric blue skies during blue hour, and experimenting with soft directional lighting from street lamps.

During the tour we will discuss which images stand out and why, and how they were created. The tour is designed for using DSLR, mirrorless, compact cameras and even the camera on you smartphone. This is a very pleasant tour, which will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of night photography while visiting the city during cooler temperatures. The tour is designed around ambient and street lighting in conjunction with a tripod. A flash gun is not necessary, however you can bring a flash or LED light to express your own creativity if you wish.

Barcelona night photography tour itinerary

The meeting point would be on the corner, outside the Zara store at Plaza Catalunya [Pl. de Catalunya 5, Barcelona 08002]. Directions to the meeting point can be found HERE.

Barcelona Night Photography Tour at the MNAC

Depending on the day of the week and time of year, we will either begin the tour by walking up the Paseo de Gracia to photograph some of Barcelona’s best examples of Modernist architecture at the Block of Discord, or if opening hours are relevant on the night of your tour, by taking the metro to arrive to the spectacular Magic Fountain. This awesome light, water and music show located at the foot of Montjuic is a pleasure to capture through your lens. The backdrop to the main fountain include further fountains leading up to the National Palace. We will spend time experimenting with different camera techniques, capturing the effects of high speed and slow speed shutter settings. We will also head up to the MNAC [National Museum of Catalan Art], located in the beautiful National Palace. The vistas that spread out over the fountains and down over the city make for spectacular views.

The Block of Discord is actually made up of 3 significant historical buildings created in the Modernist style. 3 of the most famous and respected Catalan architects competed against each other to create the best loved examples of Catalan Art Nouveau. The first building was created by Josep Puig i Cadafalch named Casa Amatller, and was reconstructed in 1898. Following this, Antoni Gaudi built the incredible Casa Batllo in 1904. This magnificent structure has a facade with balconies resembling facial bones and a roof with outlines resembling a dragon’s back. The interior is equally impressive and does not contain a single straight line in it’s design. This building in particular is wonderfully photogenic when lit up in all it’s glory at night. The third building on the block is the Casa Lleo Morera, built by the architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner.

Barcelona Night Photography Tour at the Gothic quarter

From the Magic Fountain at Plaza Espanya we will return on the metro and arrive to Plaza Catalunya and continue through the Ciutat Vella where the old city takes on a new perspective at night. Just as blue hour begins and when the street lamps turn on, we will head into the Gothic quarter – our favourite location for night photography. Circling the Santa Eulalia Cathedral, the Gothic quarter has a multitude of locations for photo opportunities thanks to a myriad of old stone streets that stretch on 4 sides from the old Roman road to the Ramblas and the Ronda de Sant Pere to the seafront. Medieval architecture merges with the old Roman wall, while reconstruction during the late 19th century transformed the area from a sombre looking part of the city to one that attracts millions each year. Known as the “Call”, the ancient Jewish quarter is located within and contains Europe’s oldest Synagogue and one of the most important Jewish communities of the Iberian peninsula. The Jewish community settled here from the 7th to 14th centuries. Despite being such a magnet to tourists, the Gothic quarter at night is relatively quiet, likely due to far less restaurants and bars located there. Most of the area is completely closed off to traffic, adding to the calm and quiet. With an electric blue sky, some directional lighting created by the street lamps and fewer people wandering around, photography here at night creates an atmosphere reminiscent to a film set. This would be the end of the tour, and we will escort you to a recommended restaurant or back to Plaza Catalunya.

Barcelona Night Photography Tour at the Gaudi Casa Batllo

Please note that we are able to bring 1 tripod and 2 quick release plates, should you prefer not to carry a tripod abroad.

Our Barcelona Night Photography Tour is also incorporated into our extended 6 hour Barcelona Afternoon / Night photography Tour.

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