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Barcelona Photography Tours offer customised private photo trips to Girona.

Photography Tour in Girona

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Part of our multi-day Catalonia Photography Workshop itinerary includes the beautiful town of Girona. Thanks to the recent arrival of the AVE high speed train line between Barcelona and Girona [35 minutes travel time], we are delighted to now offer a half-day photography tour there for visitors staying in Girona, or for travellers looking to explore regions outside of Barcelona. Located north of the city of Barcelona, the ancient walled city of Girona contains a millennia of cultural heritage. With its labyrinth of old cobbled lanes and stairways, a mix of Medieval, Romanesque and Catalan Art Nouveau architecture, the avid photographer will have the opportunity to turn this photo adventure into a truly memorable day out.

Girona photography tour in rural Catalonia.

Photography Tour in Girona: Itinerary

Our meeting point for the Girona itinerary is by the monument in the middle of the Plaza de la Independencia. If you arrive early, this is a great location to have a coffee or a snack in one of the cafes surrounded by some of Girona’s most beautiful facades. This plaza can also yield great images of the locals going about their day. Once a major trading route, the Onyar river cuts through the centre of the city and is an idyllic spot to photograph the colourful houses along it’s banks. One of the bridges was built in 1827 by the same company that constructed the Eiffel tower, and is [surprisingly enough] called the Eiffel Bridge. After crossing the bridge, we also visit the historic Jewish quarter, or “Call” as it is known locally. One of the oldest sections of Girona, the Call contains a maze of narrow streets, stairways and houses that are also some of the best preserved within Spain. Exploring this area is a highlight for many photographers visiting Catalonia.

Girona photography tour at Besalu.

Once the outer city limit, the old defensive walls of Girona are within the centre of the city, and contain the historical section that dates back to the Roman times and subsequent Moorish period. The cobbled lanes by the old walls, narrow walkways and panoramas over the surrounding countryside make for fabulous images. The 1000 year old Cathedral towers over the old city and is one of the main landmarks of Girona.

We love to visit Girona at any time of the year, but even more spectacular is to visit during the annual flower festival where whole streets transform into art installations, with over 100 individual displays. The Girona Flower Festival typically run during the moth of May. Please contact us for further info and to check our schedule for the Photography Tour in Girona.

It is not only Girona that we run full day tours to when heading out of Barcelona. We also offer a 3 Day Photography Tour to Rural Catalonia.

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