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Barcelona morning photography tours run by a professional photographer.

Barcelona Morning Photography Tour

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3.5 hour duration

Tour overview

Our Barcelona Morning Photography Tour is an ideal way to explore some of the most photogenic neighbourhoods of the city while photographing the locals as they prepare for their day. Utilising directional light illuminating the Modernist and Gothic architecture, our photo walk through the myriad of narrow streets and alleyways ensures that your camera will be put to good use. Street photography in particular is ideal to capture at this time of day as the city begins to wake. Wandering the streets as the early morning light filters through, while capturing candid images of strangers casting long shadows will create a sense of atmosphere and depth. This tour is of benefit to beginners and advanced amateurs as well as semi-professional photographers. Photography enthusiasts with preferences in a variety of different subjects will absolutely love Barcelona. There really is something for everyone here. Even professional photographers that tour with us have the benefit of our knowledge in location scouting and knowing where the best light can be found according to the time of day. All of our tours are private tours designed for individuals, couples and small groups as we believe this makes for a more productive and enjoyable experience.

Our unique photo tours have been designed to guide you through the most photogenic locations of Barcelona, often away from the typical tourist trails, while at the same time aiding you in perfecting your photographic skills. We believe that this combination of an educational experience while being guided through the city’s most beautiful spots with your camera is the reason Barcelona Photography Tours has been recommended with positive reviews by photo enthusiasts since our company formed in 2000. Our Barcelona morning photo walk was our first itinerary created, and is still one of our most popular.

Our aim is to help you create a work of art, rather than just taking snapshots on the “program” mode of your camera. These tours are an excellent way of combining a visit through the wonders of Barcelona, while a memorable learning experience awaits you with the help of a professional photographer. Apart from learning how to navigate quickly around modern DSLR and mirrorless cameras, we will show you how to use your inner eye to create images to be proud of. We will go over various techniques to capture images using light, composition, perspective, selective focus, shadows & highlights, colour, texture, reflections and a dozen other methods in making your images stand out from the crowd!

Barcelona morning photography tour itinerary

A fishmonger in the Boqueria market photographed during a Barcelona morning photography tour.

The meeting point would be on the corner, outside the Zara store at Plaza Catalunya [Pl. de Catalunya 5, Barcelona 08002]. Directions to the meeting point can be found HERE.

From Plaza Catalunya, we will head down the iconic Ramblas to visit to the Boqueria market – a visual delight for photographers! We will capture the colours and chaos as the locals go about their daily routine in this fantastic market. Exquisite displays of fresh produce in a wonderful variety of colours and textures invite everyone from local chefs to foodies to tourists, and make this one of the most loved food markets in the world. The Mercat de la Boqueria is also one of the world’s oldest markets – dating back to the year 1217. This site is a must-see for street photographers in particular, however photographing the repeating patterns, textures and colours of produce of the food stall displays, as well as an excellent concentration of buyers and sellers, make the Boqueria market a great choice for environmental portraits.

A skateboarder in the Raval on a morning Barcelona photography tour.

Located on the edge of the Boqueria, our itinerary also includes a visit through Barcelona’s oldest district, and also one of it’s most authentic. The Raval is a fantastic neighbourhood to photograph – Modern architecture, washing-clad facades, skateboarders and unusual characters willing to have their photos taken make for great street photography. Wandering towards the heart of the Raval, you will notice how the streets become narrower and the residential apartments become taller and more concentrated. Home to a vibrant multi-cultural community, the hip restaurants, trendy independent shops and cutting-edge street art give this neighbourhood an air of vitality and freedom unlike anywhere else in the city.

A cyclist photographed during a Barcelona morning photography tour.

From here, we will cut across the Ramblas and head towards the Gothic Quarter, the historic centre of the Old City. Here you will step back in time through the small quiet alleyways and courtyards filled with soft light and great atmosphere. The old stone walls, gargoyles, Gothic and Roman architecture are in stark contrast to the Raval and will make for some stunning images. Situated around the thirteenth century Santa Eulalia Cathedral, the Gothic quarter contains some of the city’s most beautiful streets and open squares, including the Cloisters, Sant Felip i Neri plaza, Placa del Rei, Placa Sant Jaume, the Roman Wall Puerta del Bisbe and many other beautiful locations. This neighbourhood is all about architectural photography. It is a great area to return to at different times of the day, such as during afternoon golden hour and is also a highlight for our Barcelona Night Photography Tours. Within the Gothic quarter is the old Jewish Quarter and ancient synagogue. This tiny district has some of the oldest habitable buildings in Barcelona.

The trendy Borne district is an exceptional neighbourhood to photograph thanks to it’s labyrinth of tiny alleyways that give an impression of one giant maze. Boutique designer stores by day and hip bars by night, over the years, the Borne has become the most fashionable neighbourhood in the city.  We will walk the narrow dark alleyways and visit Gothic churches, trendy stores, open plazas, fascinating architecture and other points of interest before we head towards one of the marvels of Catalan Modernism – the Music Palace. This building is one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture in existence and is also one of Barcelona’s 9 World Heritage Sites. A mixture of Modernist and Moorish influences make this building very unique. Built upon the Medieval part of the Old City, ancient remnants from different eras of the past amalgamate with cutting edge design. What makes the Borne so special is the variety of photo opportunities on offer and can easily be visited time and again. This would be the end of the tour, and we will escort you to a recommended restaurant or back to Plaza Catalunya.A dog on a balcony photographed on a Barcelona morning photography tour.

Our Barcelona Morning Photography Tour is also incorporated into our extended 6 hour Barcelona Morning / Afternoon photography Tour.

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