About Us
The Barcelona photo tour team. Our experienced photographers will aid you in the technical and creative aspects of photography while guiding you through Barcelona.
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About Us

Barcelona Photography Tours was created from a combination of three factors: Photographers wishing to gain hands-on tuition in the art of photography, a journey in how to visualise your surroundings through the eyes of a professional photographer, and putting into practice your new-found skills in the dynamic and extremely photogenic city of Barcelona!

Being involved in the industry for three decades, the creation of the company when I relocated to Barcelona in 1999 was a natural choice. Together with our sister company “Israel Photography Tour“, we run a wide variety of photography tours within Spain and Israel with great success, and have had the pleasure of knowing many wonderful fellow photographers along the way.

Alongside our photography tours, I am often busy leading international photography workshops, that include destinations within Spain, Morocco, India, Greece, Israel, France, Jordan and the UK.

Our team of photography guides and instructors come from all different backgrounds, but share one common goal – to ensure that your time spent with us is as enjoyable, inspiring and productive as possible, regardless of your photo skills. We pride ourselves on assessing the needs of the individual, what they are trying to achieve in their photography, and focussing directly on what we think can be improved.

Each photographer has a wealth of experience in the photography industry, and are here to aid you in the technical and creative aspects in the art of photography while guiding you through the wonders of Barcelona’s most photogenic locations.

CEO and photographer Laurie

Laurie Cohen

Instructor, guide & owner of Barcelona Photography Tours

Laurie has a career in the photography industry that spans over 20 years. His background began at a young age as a travel and underwater photographer in South East Asia. Since then, Laurie has worked all over the globe as a freelance photographer specialising in fine art, travel and environmental portraits. His work has been published in various travel magazines, advertising companies and exhibitions over the years.

His passion for expressing his vision through the art of photography has been shared through his photographic tours and workshops which have been held all over the world. Laurie considers himself a purist, and has worked with a variety of digital and film equipment in various formats.

In 2001, Laurie created “Barcelona Photography Tours” after settling in Barcelona. Laurie speaks English, Spanish and Hebrew.

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