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About barcelonaphotographytour.comBarcelona Photography Tours was created in 2001 after Laurie Cohen, the founder of the company, relocated to Catalonia in 1999. The company was formed with the purpose of providing travel photographers visiting Barcelona three specific services within one unique and educational tour: The photographer’s desire to gain private, hands-on tuition in the art of photography, a journey in how to visualise your surroundings through the eyes of a professional photographer, and putting into practice your new-found skills in the dynamic and extremely photogenic city of Barcelona.

When one thinks of Barcelona, the name Antoni Gaudi often comes to mind, and his influence in most of the city’s 9 World Heritage sites. Modernism abounds and is implemented in the stunning beauty of the architecture. As well as the masterpieces created by the Modernist movement, street photography is a highlight of our shooting experience, where beginners using their cellphone cameras to professional street photographers searching for authentic subjects in hidden locations in glorious light will return to this city time and again.

Having been involved in the industry for three decades, creating the company in Barcelona was a natural choice. Laurie and the team are not simply photographic guides, but dedicated professionals that live and breathe photography. Our team of photography guides and instructors come from all different backgrounds, but share one common goal – to ensure that your time spent with us is as enjoyable, inspiring and productive as possible, regardless of your photo skills. We pride ourselves on assessing the needs of the individual, what they are trying to achieve in their photography, and focusing directly on what we think can be improved upon. Each photographer has a wealth of experience in the photography industry, and are here to aid you in the technical and creative aspects in the art of photography while guiding you through the wonders of Barcelona’s most photogenic locations


Israel Photography Tour logoIsrael Photography Tour, our sister company, offers the travel photographer bespoke photographic tours around the Holy Land. Experience the exotic and fascinating land of Israel through your lens. Private, one-on-one instruction covering the best locations for landscapes, architecture, environmental portraits and street photography. Our itineraries cover Jerusalem, Tel Aviv & Jaffa, Acre, Haifa, the Dead Sea & Negev desert, the Galilee, Golan Heights and more.

Visiting Israel is like experiencing a journey back in time. Originating from the ancient Kingdom of Judea, the Jewish people have held a presence here for thousands of years since the creation of the Hebrew Bible. With Arabs making up around 20% of the population, Israel proudly contains a variety of ethnic groups including Christians, Druze, Bedouin Arabs, Arameans, Maronites, Coptic, Assyrians and others. With such a diversity of cultures and traditions crammed into such a small country, environmental portraits and street photography play a major role in our shooting experience and are exceptional for story-telling type photography.

Israel is a modern country with ancient traditions, and it is reflected in the variety of architectural styles found throughout the country. From ancient structures dating back to the First Temple in Jerusalem in the 10th century BCE, to architecture from the Bauhaus movement, beautiful residences created during the British Mandate, to ultra-modern skyscrapers around Tel Aviv, Israel’s business hub. For architectural photographers, Israel will not disappoint.

One of the driving reasons we created photographic experiences in Israel is due to the incredibly diverse and unique landscapes found anywhere in the world. As a child and throughout his life, Laurie spent countless days exploring the natural beauty of his homeland from the arid Negev desert containing Biblical landscapes around the Judean hills, the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea, the world’s largest erosional crater at Ramon, to exploring the beautiful underwater world of the Red Sea. Heading north along Israel’s coastline on the Mediterranean sea, photographers can experience Roman aqueducts, coastal shipwrecks, rocky shorelines and sea caves. Israel borders Egypt at it’s southern tip, Jordan in the south and along it’s eastern flank, and Lebanon and Syria in Israel’s green and mountainous north. We also extend our photo workshops through Israel’s southern land border with Jordan where we explore Petra – a lost city and one of the seven wonders of the world. Landscape photographers will marvel at the fascinating desert landscape and monolithic rock formations of Wadi Rum – our gateway to the stunning natural beauty of Jordan.


Gigapixart logoGigapixart is a company created where no limits have been placed on image resolution, scale, printing technology and print media. Laurie is proud to realise his artistic vision by implementing nature through photography into commercial and residential living spaces. From the hardware and software used, to the printing technology, no attention to detail has been spared.

The concept of the product is to use large scale aluminium Chromaluxe panels, placed together on walls, creating a mural of a single image. Artworks are created in gigapixel size images and can cover entire walls with no loss in image quality. As well as the aesthetic quality of the finished product, the material used acts as a substitute to traditional wall coverings for a variety of applications from kitchens and bathrooms, to hotels and hospital wards. Hundreds of images are stitched together in advanced software, then dye-sublimated onto Chromaluxe panels, resulting in waterproof, flame resistant, scratch resistant and chemical resistant wall coverings. Gigapixart is the pinnacle of combining design and technology.

CEO and photographer Laurie

Laurie Cohen

Instructor, guide and founder

Laurie has a career in the photography industry that spans three decades. His background began at a young age as a travel and underwater photographer in South East Asia. Since then, Laurie has worked all over the globe as a freelance photographer, specialising in fine art, travel and environmental portraits. His work has been published in various travel magazines, advertising companies and exhibitions over the years. His passion for expressing his vision through the art of photography, learning about new cultures, exploring the world and our place in it, was a natural prelude to creating his companies where fellow photographers can become inspired and find their own personal purpose in photography.

Laurie considers himself fortunate to follow his dream, where travellers with a common interest join him on bespoke photography tours and workshops and experience these photo adventures together. As well as our regular photography tours in Barcelona and Israel, Laurie leads multi-day workshops in Spain, France, Greece, the U.K, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and India, and has had the pleasure of knowing many wonderful fellow photographers along the way. He has lived in the U.K, Thailand, India, Australia and Spain before settling in his native country in Israel. In his work, Laurie considers himself a purist, and has worked with a variety of digital and film equipment in various formats. Laurie speaks English, Spanish and Hebrew.