Barcelona Afternoon and Night Photography Tour
Barcelona Photography Tour | Blog post on our Barcelona Afternoon and Night Photography Tour. This 6 hour photo tour covers the most photogenic areas of the city, during the most beautiful light, from the late afternoon and sunset, to the blue hour, until the ambient and street lighting at night.
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Barcelona Photography Tours offer a 6 hour afternoon and night photo tour

Barcelona Afternoon and Night Photography Tour

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6 hours duration

Photo Tour Summary

One of our most popular itineraries, the 6 hour Afternoon/Night photo tour covers the most photogenic periods to shoot, from the sun’s low-angle, to the blue hour, to the ambient and street lighting at night. The tour is designed for photo enthusiasts who are just beginning to learn how to master their cameras, and for keen amateurs who want to learn about experimenting in the exciting world of night photography.

The tour entails a professional photographer giving tips and advice on the equipment needed, camera settings and how to create interesting images, while being escorted to Barcelona’s most stunning locations!

During the tour we will discuss which images stand out and why, and how they were created. The tour is designed for using digital SLR, mirror-less and compact cameras. This is a very pleasant tour, which will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of night photography while visiting the city in the cooler temperatures.

The tour is designed around ambient and street lighting in conjunction with a tripod. A flash gun is not necessary, though you can bring one to express your own creativity if you wish. We are confident that this tour may very well be the highlight of your trip.

Photography tour itinerary

The meeting point would be on the corner, outside the Zara store in Plaza Catalunya [Carrer de Bergara, 5, Barcelona 08002]. The meeting point can be found HERE.

We would start the tour by heading down the Ramblas to visit the exciting Boqueria market. We will capture the chaos as the locals go about their routine. This market is a great site to practice different camera techniques in low light and settings for artificial lighting. The market is also an especially good site for taking environmental portraits.

Now we will head to Barcelona’s oldest districts, and also one of its most authentic. The Raval district is a great area to photograph: Modern architecture, washing-clad facades, skateboarders and unusual characters willing to have their photos taken make for great shots here.

The Borne district is an exceptional neighbourhood to photograph, as you will see how the locals go about their day, devoid of any influences of tourism. We will walk the narrow dark alleyways and visit Gothic churches, trendy stores, open plazas, violin makers, designers workshops.. The Borne district really has it all for the avid photographer.

Now we will take the metro to arrive at the stunning magic fountain located at Plaza España. This awesome light, water and music spectacle built over 100 years ago for the world’s fair is a highlight in Barcelona for photographers. The backdrop to the main fountain are further fountains leading up to the National Palace. We will spend time experimenting with different camera techniques, capturing the effects of high speed and slow speed shutter settings.

From here we will return to the city centre by metro. This would be a good time to stop at a local tapas bar for a snack and some refreshments. We will discuss the basics of the technical aspects for capturing images at night, using ambient and artificial lighting together with slow shutter speeds. We will then continue on to the Gothic quarter. Now you will step back in time through the small alleyways and courtyards filled with soft light and great atmosphere. The old stone walls, gargoyles, Gothic and Roman architecture are in stark contrast to the street performers we will pass by and will make for some stunning images. From here, we will end the tour where I will escort you back to Plaza Catalunya.

If the Magic Fountain is not running on the night of your tour, we will go to another photogenic location.

Please note that we are able to bring 1 tripod and 2 quick release plates, should you prefer not to carry a tripod abroad.

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