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Barcelona photography tour TripAdvisor award

TripAdvisor 2017 Certificate of Excellence Award

  |   Photo Tours

Barcelona Photography Tours is delighted to receive the TripAdvisor 2017 Certificate of Excellence Award for the 5th consecutive year. Recommendations from our guests are an invaluable guide for photographers looking for a unique learning experience when visiting Barcelona. For that, we thank each and every one of you.

The aim of our company has always been to educate and inspire photographers from all over the globe through our relaxed and low-key teaching methods. This includes raising awareness in how to approach and photograph the local population in a foreign country – a vital skill when the aim of the photographer is to capture portraits, environmental portraits and street photography. Likewise, finding interesting compositions and angles, studying how light works and how to manipulate it when shooting architecture, the importance of choosing the correct background and not just the subject.. Photography is a lifelong learning process, yet touring for a few hours with one of our photo instructors can put you on the right track in advancing your photography to the next level while capturing stunning images at the same time.

As professional photographers, we understand that each guest is an individual and has their own skill level, subject preference and artistic talent. This is the main force that drives us in assessing the individual’s needs and what they are trying to achieve in their photography. With the advancement in technology, photography has never been so accessible to such a wide audience. What keeps us ahead of the game is our simple love for the art of photography. Nothing pleases us more than to convey this art form to others.

Thanks to our clients leaving testimonials on TripAdvisor and elsewhere, we continue to be the leading company in Barcelona for educational and inspirational photo tours and workshops.