Travel Photography in Morocco – Photo Workshops in 2022
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Barcelona Photography Tours - Photo Workshops in 2022

Travel Photography in Morocco – Photo Workshops in 2022

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Travel photographers that have up until now delayed their travel plans due to Coronavirus travel restrictions can now finally get ready to pack their camera bags and explore Marvellous Morocco! With an increase in the global vaccination rate and a decrease in Coronavirus infections, Morocco has slowly but surely begun to open up to tourism. To find out about the current travel status and the necessary documentation needed according to your country of origin, we recommend that you initially visit the government website from your home country. This link will inform you of the current status of travel restrictions between country of origin and destination. The halt on global travel has caused travellers to reflect on what they want to get out of their travel experience, and this in turn reflects in travel trends for 2022. Research has shown that demand for educational-based tours will increase next year, as travellers yearn to absorb new experiences, learn a new hobby, or simply get inspired through new eyes. For years now, Laurie Cohen – the M.D of Barcelona Photography Tours has run our international photography trips through Photo Workshop Adventures – our affiliate with over 100 photo adventures, in more than 50 countries, on 7 continents. Laurie himself, is the team leader for all international workshops on the BPT site.

Barcelona Photography Tour Morocco photo workshop 2022. Image by Laurie Cohen

We are absolutely delighted to announce to fellow photographers that our Morocco Photo Adventure is now open for bookings for 2022! Morocco is one of our favourite destinations due to the variety of photo opportunities waiting for you. This exotic North African country offers the travel photographer a wonderful mix of architectural, landscape, environmental portraits and street photography. Morocco will test your technical abilities – especially when practicing street photography, to it’s limits. In our experience, being in an environment where photographing the locals in a foreign country – likely outside of your comfort zone, will boost your confidence and be invaluable in getting you the shots you want on future trips.

We have 2 different itineraries that can be taken individually or as a combined trip. We offer a 9 Day itinerary, with a 6 Day extension to the Sahara Desert. Our trip starts in the magnificent city of Fez, and ends in Marrakech. For the full detailed itinerary, please click on any of the dates listed below. Our 2022 Morocco Photo Adventure will run on the following dates:

MOROCCO | MARCH 20-28, 2022




Please contact Laurie or directly through the PWA website. We have limited availability, so be sure to book as early as possible!




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