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International photography workshops to inspire the avid photographer with Barcelona Photography Tours.

International photo workshops to inspire

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Barcelona Photography Tours is delighted to announce information on our upcoming international photo workshops for 2034 & 2024 [please check our Photography Workshops page for a complete list of dates and destinations]. For the avid photographer seeking an educational and inspiring vacation, we have created on-location photography courses in some of the world’s most amazing destinations. With a hands-on approach to improving your technical and creative skills, our informal low-key teaching style will take your photography to the next level. We have combined these photo vacations with some of the most stunning hotels found anywhere, together with excellent cuisine and expert tuition, to bring you the photo adventure of a lifetime!

India Golden Triangle:  – For the adventurous photographer, we are confident that the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra & Rajasthan may well be the most photogenic destination in the world. The diverse culture, rich heritage, warm people and incredible areas of natural beauty make this region of India one of our all-time favourite destinations. Prepare to reinvigorate your senses when visiting this marvellous country. We agree, as many other travellers do, that India is a life-changing experience. Having personally lived in India for 6 years, we would be delighted to experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip with you and show you the true magic that is India.

India – Kerala: – The coastal strip of Kerala enjoys some of India’s most beautiful landscapes. This region covers hundreds of kilometres of the Arabian Sea, and is famous for it’s unspoilt and serene areas of natural beauty. Between fields of palm trees, lie lush green covered hills of tea and spices. As well as the diverse faiths of the region, Kerala is equally diverse in it’s dramatic and contrasting landscapes. From beautiful, high altitude mountains, to lush rainforests, to pristine beaches, Kerala feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of India’s metropolitan cities.

Morocco: – For photographers looking for an excellent mix of people, architecture and landscape photography, Morocco is hard to beat. It’s rich history, multicultural population, striking architecture and stunning geography is a reason why many travellers return to this country time and again. Our photo adventure covers the best of Morocco, with special attention paid to the striking colours and details found in it’s cities, the atmosphere in it’s scenery and the warmth of it’s inhabitants.

Israel: – Unique, fascinating, exotic, surprising.. These are just a few words that come to mind for travellers on their first visit to Israel. A small country with a big heart, the capital, Jerusalem, is home to the world’s 3 monotheistic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem alone has such a diversity of cultures and faces, that one could spend a week in the city and still not want to leave. Israel boasts a very varied topography, with everything from pine forests and snow-capped mountains in the north, to the barren desert and Dead Sea in the south. Being a small country allows the photographer to see all of this without long periods of travel. New to our Israel workshop is an optional extension to the beautiful northern region.

Israel Holy Week: – Witness one of the most extraordinary events in religion as mourners recount the final moments of the life of Christ. Each year, thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over the world descend upon the Old City of Jerusalem to reenact his route from the Mount of Olives, through the Via Dolorosa to the place of his crucifixion and presumed resurrection at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The processions start on Palm Sunday and continue throughout the week until Good Friday and the spectacular event of Holy Fire on Holy Saturday. Our week also includes photography in areas outside of Jerusalem, that include Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Acco, Caesarea, and the Dead Sea. This photo workshop offers an excellent blend of environmental portraits, landscapes, architectural and street photography.

Santorini: – The volcanic island of Santorini forms part of the Cyclades, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. Blue-domed churches and whitewashed villages sit precariously on the rim of the extinct volcanic crater. Commonly known as offering the world’s most spectacular sunsets, Santorini is one of our favourite destinations thanks to it’s amazing views over the Caldera, dramatic ocean views, beautiful quaint villages and warm people. As well as the stunning photo opportunities on offer, the unique accommodation and excellent cuisine makes your trip to this destination all the more memorable.

Milos: – Not just for it’s excellent photo opportunities, Milos really is a hidden gem in the Adriatic. Tranquil and unspoilt, the little island of Milos is a great extension to our Santorini adventure. What is offered to the photographer is a wonderful abundance of landscapes, seascapes, caves, fishing harbours, quaint architecture and photogenic locals. Unlike the rugged coast of Santorini, Milos offers over 80 beaches, and if you can find the time to leave your camera at the hotel, this island makes for some great relaxation in addition to your photography.

Crete: – Created to extend your time in Greece while on our Santorini and Milos adventures, Crete is an obvious choice. One of the most advanced civilisations of it’s time, Crete is renowned for the Minoans’ 4000 year old legacy and the beautiful palaces, towns, tombs and sacred sites that were left behind as testament. As well as the fascinating Greek mythology that surrounds the island, Crete offers the photographer the opportunity to capture hidden beaches and coves, mountain villages, beautiful flora and fauna unique to the island. This is not to mention some of the best cuisine found within Greece.

Provence: – The magnificent region of Provence has always been a dream to visit for the avid landscape photographer. With it’s stunning fields of lavender, mountains, vineyards, forests, valleys, gorges and lakes, one may easily forget the breathtaking views of mountain-perched villages, stunning architecture, farmhouses and more will truly inspire travellers with a background in various photographic genres. With all this visual beauty on offer, it is easy to see why artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne spent so much time creating their masterpieces here.

London: – Europe’s most popular destination for travellers is easily one of it’s most diverse for the photographer as well. A hub of international trade, the dynamic and fun city of London is jam-packed with photo opportunities. Let us show you the real London – from it’s fading East London residents shouting out their cockney English in the local markets, to the smart neighbourhoods in central London, to the dynamic financial district, London is often visited multiple times as it’s impossible to see everything that is offered in just a few days. We are now delighted to include an optional extension to the beautiful Cotswolds region, located west of the capital.

Barcelona: – Our original workshop, and still one of our most popular, Barcelona offers the photographer an extremely rich cultural and photogenic experience. From the extensive heritage of Romanic, Gothic and Modernist era’s, this city is literally a photographer’s dream come true. Thanks to the footprint of Gaudi and other renowned architects, Barcelona is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit. An excellent blend of architecture, landscapes and street photography await the avid photographer. We have now combined our Catalonia workshop as an extension to our Barcelona workshop. We feel that this will give our guests the opportunity to experience the very best that this beautiful region of Spain has to offer.