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A fun filled day out exploring and photographing the city with Barcelona Photography Tours.

Fun Barcelona Photography Tour by Electric Bicycle

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If you are interested in photography and also like the idea of touring the city by bicycle, why not combine the two and have a fun-filled day capturing the city through your lens while exploring Barcelona by electric bicycle!

With over 200km of bicycle lanes, Barcelona can be explored at your own pace with one of our very own photography instructors. Our guides know Barcelona like the back of their hand – not only for visiting the most photogenic locations, but also in maximising your time in getting from A to B.

Try getting around as the locals do, and see for yourself how much can be captured in this 3. 5 hour private tour. The e-bikes we use are the same as a regular bicycle [anyone who knows how to ride a bike can use one], however the battery power can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch, enabling you to ride for hours, even uphill without breaking into a sweat – perfect for sightseeing in hot weather!

With this tour, you can get to areas otherwise only accessible by taxi or uphill hikes, whiz through long streets and see so much more than a walking tour, and have fun riding the bikes at the same time! The tour is completely customised to your photographic preferences. Do you want to focus on architecture and World Heritage Sites? Or perhaps get to the top of Montjuic for the beautiful views? Or what about visiting the seafront? Or just leave the route to us and let us show you the city through the best routes we know. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a memorable day out! Further info can be sent on request.