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Enjoy a memorable private photography shore excursion on your cruise.

Barcelona private photography shore excursion

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For cruise ship passengers visiting Barcelona, taking a private photography tour with a professional photographer will allow you some time away from the crowds of tourists, while exploring hidden gems with your camera in Barcelona’s most authentic neighbourhoods. Shore excursions for discovering the local heritage typically head off in large groups to get an overview of the city. While there is nothing wrong with doing that [if that’s your thing], this is probably the worst way for photo enthusiasts to capture quality images during your trip. Cruise travellers that have tried to photograph the sites will undoubtedly know that large group tours that cover specific locations with time restraints at each site simply don’t gel well with photography. With this in mind, we can’t think of a better way for photo enthusiasts to spend their limited time available than that of a private photo walk in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Cruise passengers visit Barcelona either after arriving by flight before embarking on a cruise, by shore excursion during a cruise, or when disembarking as a final cruise destination. To fully enjoy your hard-earned vacation, the traveller needs some advance planning to ensure your entire trip goes smoothly. Generally speaking, there are 2 ways to book a shore excursion. You can either organise it through your cruise line or independently. While booking it through your cruise line may be a quicker [yet more expensive] solution, you would be part of a large group, with probably no time to compose and wait for your shots. If you booked a group tour through an outside agent, you would no doubt save money, but again, be part of a group.

Booking a private photography tour will give the traveller a choice of customisation and freedom that simply does not exist with a group tour – perfect for the cruise passenger with very limited time between ports. There are a variety of other benefits in doing this too: Firstly, due to the nature of a photography tour being based on capturing beautiful images, there is nothing worse than fellow photographers becoming a hindrance in capturing the decisive moment. Having someone else get in your frame, or just being a group regardless, can change the scene, especially when discretion is needed to capture street photography or environmental portraits.

Private tours also allow the photographer and instructor to use an itinerary tailor-made to a photographic genre, while wandering the city at your own pace. Subjects can include architecture, street photography, environmental portraits etc. You would also have a one-on-one learning experience, as opposed to being part of a group of photographers. While our international multi-day photo workshops work especially well in a group, where photographers can enjoy amazing experiences together, visiting Barcelona for just one day is more productive when visited alone with a pro photographer.

According to recent statistics, the port traffic in Barcelona reached an all time high in 2018, with 4.4 million passengers passing through it’s port. 3 million of which were cruise passengers, an increase of 12 percent over the previous year. With the city well and truly established as an international hub, Barcelona is forecasted to have an even greater rise in 2019. With such an increase in tourism expected, subsequently the rise in travellers seeking unique, personalised and niche tours will be inevitable. That has always been our vision, and we would love to have the opportunity in showing you why our guests have found in us an educational and inspiring way of touring, while being escorted to the most photogenic locations in Barcelona.