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Photography Workshops

New photo workshops in India with Barcelona Photography Tours.

Amazing Photo Workshops in India

  |   Photography Workshops

Further to our October 2018 Newsletter for listings of our international photo workshops sent out to our subscribers, we are delighted to announce schedules for 2019 / 2020 of our new photo workshop itineraries in India. Our original Golden Triangle workshops in Rajasthan, Pushkar camel...

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International photography workshops to inspire the avid photographer with Barcelona Photography Tours.

International photo workshops to inspire

  |   Photography Workshops

Barcelona Photography Tours is delighted to announce information on our upcoming international photo workshops for 2018 & 2019 [please check our Photography Workshops page for a complete list of dates and destinations]. For the avid photographer seeking an educational and inspiring vacation, we have created on-location photography...

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New Photography Workshops in Greece

  |   Photography Workshops

Due to the success of our Santorini workshops, and the important feedback from our clients, we are delighted to announce 2 new photography workshops in Greece. We are proud to include new itineraries in the islands of Crete and Milos, which will run back-to-back with our Santorini...

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