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Read reviews and testimonials of guests on our Barcelona photo tours.

Barcelona Photography Tours on TripAdvisor

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Barcelona Photography Tours has the pleasure and honour of receiving the 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award, as well as being inscribed into the prestigious Hall of Fame category. Reviews, testimonials and recommendations of our photo tours and workshops from our guests are an excellent way of conveying their past experiences with us, and for that we thank you. Today, TripAdvisor and other providers of online services for the tourism sector have superseded that of paper magazines and other publications. Tourists are more likely to put their faith in the experiences and feedback of past clients.

The same can be said of photographic publications. With the huge rise in smartphone usage, photographers can easily search for this information online. Photography and travel are our passion, and we love nothing more than to share our experience to fellow photographers visiting Barcelona with photography in mind. From complete beginners to semi-pro’s and even professionals, we are confident that a private photo walk or group workshop with us will be the highlight of your trip!

One of the aspects we pride ourselves on is giving a totally personable experience – something that can only be offered with one-on-one, hands-on instruction. This could entail improving on the photographer’s technical knowledge, seeing the world and how to capture everyday life through the eyes of a professional photography instructor, or simply being guided to Barcelona’s most photogenic locations during the best lighting conditions.

We know that visitors to Barcelona usually have limited time, either on vacation or for business purposes. Spending some of that time with us will open your eyes to your craft and hopefully remain with you for the future, consequently helping you achieve a higher standard of photography, wether it be for architectural, environmental portraits or street photography.

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